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    Blake Hannaford

    My Mooshimeter started up great and makes a dead-on DC voltage measurement (tested with 20vdc). When I connect to the wall outlet and switch to AC mode I only get 35V. I tried increasing the buffer size to 256 but no difference.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Interesting – are the sample depth and sample rate on auto?

    If so, it should switch itself to 4000Hz and 256 samples when you go to AC. If you have a manual sample rate set too low (say 125Hz) then the 60Hz in the wall will not give a good AC RMS reading.

    Also – iOS or Android? If Android I recommend pulling the
    Once I get a few more results I’ll make it the default.

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    Blake Hannaford

    I must have taken it out of automatic (thinking that the “A” button meant AMPS). The Android UI is really very different from any DMM I’ve ever seen so without documentation it’s pretty raw.

    Also it takes a really long time for the AC reading to stabilize (now at a healty 122.x volts) At 4khz, a 256 sample buffer should fill in 0.064 seconds so I don’t see why it takes so long to get close.

    Final whine: on graph mode the AC voltage seems to be “zerod” about some kind of average and then because of autoranging you just get a waveform which seems to indicate the last bit hunting up and down. Bottom line with current software Meter is useless for monitoring wall voltage trend.

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    Working on support and documentation now – if you haven’t seen the quick start guide I recommend taking a peek:

    Regarding AC voltage taking some time to stabilize – how long is it taking? I took a really quick video doing what I think you’re trying to do – can you tell me what I’m doing differently so we can get on the same page? Thanks

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