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    Stewart Leicester

    I received it, woke it from hibernation, played with it for about 5 minutes on my iPhone and put it away. 2 days later I get it back out and no iPhone contact. No blinking LED, nothing.
    I opened it and did a reset; the LED does 2 long blinks and shuts off after a tiny amount of the 3rd blink. Repeat reset and same behavior. Nothing on the iPhone ever except the software version, scanning gets nothing. Checked and reseated the batteries, they’re fine.


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    Have you tried restarting Bluetooth on the iPhone?
    And if that fails, restarting the iPhone? That’s worked for some other users.

    Thanks, let me know

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    Stewart Leicester

    I’ve tried restarting BT on the phone, rebooting the phone and resetting the meter in between each combination. I’ve also tried killing and restarting the app. The iPhone display shows Mooshimeter V.1 RSSI: -42 FW Build: 1418010265 and the only thing that ever changes when I swipe down or restart the app is the RSSI value which varies from -40 to about -53.
    The meter seems to restart fine with 2 bright flashes, a dim flash and then settles into the 10 sec heartbeat.
    Sorry for the problems…

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    What’s the behavior when you click/tap the meter in the list?

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    Stewart Leicester

    Nothing until the 3rd try at reset meter, reboot phone, restart app. THEN it recognized the tap and started working as it did when I first brought it out of hibernation. After several tries at killing the app and restarting, it seems to work. Whatever you did, it worked :-)

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    Hooray! App updates are in the works, hopefully the pairing process will get more reliable for you.


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