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      Hey guys, got my meter, downloaded the android app, worked awesome once. Tried to hibernate the meter from the app and lost connection to my phone, but the LED on the meter continues to flash. Tried to reconnect to the meter, it doesn’t show up. Replaced the batteries, held down the reset button, I get nothing. The LED still flashes, but I can’t see or connect to it from any device I own (all on 4.4.4) any suggestions?

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      Hi Jason,

      When you tell the meter to hibernate, it goes back in to Hibernation or “Shipping Mode”, where you have to wake it up by shorting out the C and Ω inputs. In this mode the meter is not broadcasting and cannot be connected to. Can you try to wake your meter again?

      For future reference – when you disconnect from the meter by hitting the “back” button to take you back to the Scan page, the meter goes in to standby and remains connectable. You don’t need to hibernate it after you’re done using it every time.

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