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      Hi James,

      Could you implement adjustable beep depending on the reading level.

      Diode beeper: if drop voltage is below x volts beep (x is user adjustable)
      Voltage : beep if reading is below or above set value
      Same idea for resistance, current and even temperature.

      This would be very useful in debugging scenarios, for example when checking supply voltage to be in a specific range.

      Another idea would be to change the tone pitch depending on the reading.
      Example: 0V would produce a tone of 100Hz and max scale would make 2kHz tone.
      Maybe also let the user select voltage range (instead of 0V to max scale, something like 5V to 15V) and frequency range.

      Just imagine a situation where you have a multimeter and a mobile phone in a pocket while measuring some voltages and listening to the tones trough headphones (from mobile), no need to look at the screen and it’s much faster than reading to speech. Maybe not as accurate, but good enough for most cases where you cant look at the screen.

      Let me know if you could implement this,

      Best wishes,

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      Hi Mykolas,

      I think this is a great idea. I added it as an enhancement in the “issues” section on github and will get to it when I can.


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