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      After hibernating the Mooshimeter overnight, I tried waking it up by shorting the ohms lead. The meter’s LED started flashing an irregular pattern, long unsteady flash followed by a very brief flash. The Play Store version of the Mooshimeter Android app (Moto X 2013 with Android 4.4.4) could not find it by scanning.

      After I opened up the Mooshimeter and hit the reset button, the Android app discovers the meter, but it’s in Bootloader mode.

      Yesterday, it was working fine, even after I’d updated the meter to build 1446183524.

      What should I try?

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      After trying a bunch of things, like restarting my phone and redoing the over-the-air firmware update (to the same build as it had already), I finally got my phone to connect to the meter in meter mode again. The last thing I’d done was to swipe off the Mooshimeter app from the task list.

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      Hi John,

      It sounds like the new app is causing some problems for Android 4.4 users. I’m glad you were able to get it working, we’ll be digging in to what changed. Thanks!


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      I have noticed that the app sometimes can’t re-find the meter if I have closed the app via the “Exit” button a few minutes previously.

      If I close the app by swiping it off the task list, there is no problem. Likewise if I leave the app disconnected but running in the background.

      Could it be related? With Nexus 5 and Android 6.0

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