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      I’m having problems connecting with my Android 6.0 device. I’ve been able to connect to my Mooshimeters and operate them with two different Android phones and an iPhone. The other Android phones were 5.x.x, though. I can see the Mooshimeters in my bluetooth screen, but they don’t appear in the app itself. Help??

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      Hi MarkOfChain (excellent username),

      Just thinking out loud… if you can connect with other devices, we know it’s not a hardware problem with the meters. Can you provide the model of the Android 6.0 phone that’s having trouble?

      The first thing I would try is to reboot the phone. Then try connecting with wifi off (wifi and BLE interfere on some Android phones)

      Another Android bug that has bitten users is that sometimes the phone “bonds” to the Mooshimeter (you might see a pin code request), and the bond is saved to the phone. The Mooshimeter does not support bonding, so inconsistent behavior results. You can see if this has happened by going to settings->bluetooth and looking at the bonded devices.

      If none of these solutions work please let me know (along with more details about your phone itself) and I’ll try to provide other options.


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      I forgot to write what I tried already. Anyway, I already tried rebooting the phone and connecting with the wifi off. I have the problem with my phone trying to pair outside of the app (I went through the support FAQ, so I tried to do everything on that list apart from messing w/ the meter hardware themselves). I tried to input a PIN to pair the meter (0000 and 00000000, I got it paired in my Bluetooth settings, but it didn’t change how the app worked in any way.) I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

      I’m using a Verizon Droid Turbo 2. One of the other devices tried was also a Droid Turbo 2, except it wasn’t upgraded to marshmallow.

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