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      My Android app finds the meter (Build: 1418004830) and crashes when trying to connect (Shows “Connecting….” for about 5 seconds, than exits).
      It does not matter if phone was freshly rebooted or if bluetooth was on or off when the app starts.

      This happens with my LG G3 (Android 5.0) and my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (Android 4.4).

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      Connection from the older apk from github works.
      Firmware-update also works.
      Will report if the problem is fixed after firmware update, when it’s finnished.

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      OK, works after the firmware update.

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      Glad you got it figured out, sorry for the delayed response!

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      I have the same problem.
      Android 4.4.2
      Mooshimeter App 1.0.13

      I have tried to reset the meter with no success.
      Led is blinking barely.
      Batteries voltage measured at 1.3 volts so maybe I need to change them.
      My today`s app crash reports should be delivered to You as the app has stated.

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      No change with fresh batteries.
      But I have performed OTA firmare update and now the meter works.

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      I too am having the same problem with the android app crashing while connecting. Android app is up to date on a samsung S5 and the mooshimeter is build 1418010265.

      And as I am typing this I found the instructions to update the firmware!

      New Firmware Update Release

      Worked Beautifully!

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