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    I finally figured out how to change the source code to allow intents to function when the app goes into background. Whew! And also the change now allows broadcast of all three channels, including MATH. It is available here
    Please provide some feedback on success or problems.
    — Duane

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    I tried listening for these events but didn’t see any foreground or background

    <action android:name=”com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH1″/>
    <action android:name=”com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH2″/>
    <action android:name=”com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH3″/>

    I never saw any events. This was after side loading the apk checked into the repo

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    As the Readme says, Set the receiver action to “com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH1-3”. All three intents are in that one.

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    more specifically in your case, change the first one to
    <action android:name=”com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH1-3″/>
    then delete the other 2 actions.

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    Awesome Duane! I’ll take a look and merge them in to the main codebase.


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    I tried com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH1-3 first but got this error from the build

    Error:(33) Tag <action> attribute name has invalid character ‘-‘.

    So then I figured your intent was individual ones. I’m using android studio 2.2.3.

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    Hmmmm, don’t know why since I’m also using android studio 2.2.3. But let’s just make this simple. Give me an hour or so and I will recompile with action of ”com.mooshim.mooshimeter.CH” The action just has to be unique, no need for me to get fancy. Thanks.

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    Changed. See if the new apk works for you now.

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    Works like a charm

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