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      I’m not yet an owner of a mooshim meter but am placing an order today. Have a couple of questions though…

      1. Is there an SDK or some available example applications so that I can write my own interface to the meter? What I’m trying to do is use the meter for discrete readings and would like to have the readings dropped right into my own app — basically like a bluetooth HID device (but I prefer to have a bit more control and be able to grab readings via SPP)

      2. What is the practical operating temperature range? The readings will be taken outdoors and we are in Canada (-40C winter — +35 summer).


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      So sorry for the long delay, we had a technical glitch on our side and support requests weren’t getting through.

      1. The source code for the Android App, iOS App and an example Python interface are all open source and on Github:

      2. The AA batteries are the biggest constraint on operating temperature range, as typical AAs are rated between -20C and 60C.


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