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      1. Spam-bots
      – Happens rarely, but still annoying.
      – Is there any way to kill those?
      – Report+hide button for every thread/comment? ( –> 5 reports from registered users –> autodelete?)
      – captcha or i’m not a robot checkbox for anonymous posters?

      2. Link previews on chrome-based browsers.
      – Some (strangely not all?) links will generate enormous preview-blocks over text and make parts of messages unreadable.
      – Happens at least on chrome, chromium, opera and vivaldi
      – Firefox shows messages properly, i think 5 tested browsers is enough for me ;)

      3. You can post as registered user without login
      – I have not seen any identity theft cases yet..
      – We can see if that happens, as only logged in users have their name in green and it links to their profile
      – I have many times posted without logging in and noticed it just after sending..
      – Would it be better to check if name has been registered and tell random strangers to came up with new one? And tell us with browser autofill to log in before posting..

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      4. Thread “freshness” at forum main view
      – Does not get calculated at refresh, uses some cached values
      – Impossible to tell if someone have just wrote a message, or done so like 12 hours ago.

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