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      I bought my Mooshimeter a few weeks ago, and I’ve been hoping they would fix their app by now.

      Every time I connect to the unit the app immediately crashes. It may work… once in ever like 50 or more times I try to connect.

      Is there a solution to this or should I just return the device and get my money back?

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      How about some details?

      What platform are you using?
      What is the software version of the platform?
      What is the make and model of the platform device?
      How much RAM is available in your device?

      I have used both iOS and Android without a crashing problem.

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      Sorry I’m using Android I’ve submitted many crash reports, but here is the info from the crash report:

      Package Name: com.mooshim.mooshimeter
      Package Version: 33
      Package version Name: 1.033 (2097)

      Device Model: SM-G920W8
      Build ID: MMB29K.G920W8VLU5CPK3 (newest from Samsung for the S6)

      Stack Trace(sorry didn’t give me an option to copy it easily):
      Stack Trace

      Sorry if my first message came across wrong, was a little frustrated when I wrote it.

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      Hi TheShadow,

      I found the issue in the tracker system. It looks like it’s specific to your phone and Android version so I’m having some trouble reproducing it as I don’t have that specific phone handy. Screenshot from my end below if you are interested:

      I can get this patched and in the next beta release in the coming week. If you want to get the beta release please join the beta program here:

      Sorry for the frustration – if you don’t want to wait, a return is a fine option. If you pursue that route and your distributor (not sure who you bought from) asks for manufacturer authorization just cc me at

      Let me know if I missed something, hope this helps. Best

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      great, I want to give this meter a shot.

      If you want me to test any versions on my phone outside of the google play beta program let me know.

      I just noticed the app is open source. If I have time tonight I’ll pull the code off GIT and see what I can do.

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      I ended up rooting my phone and loading a custom ROM. Now it works, fairly well.

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