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    Michael Meyer

    Guys, THIS THING WORKS AWESOME!!! I am loving using this mooshimeter, and i love the iphone app – seems to work great – and especially love the graphing!!

    BUT, is there any way possible for you guys to get the app on mac computers?? i use an imac and it would be absolutely awesome to have this work on there so i can graph for longer periods of time (phone likes to hibernate just at the wrong times it seems) and even be able to save/print graphs from the imac would be absolutlely amazing!

    please consider it,


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    Thanks so much :-D ! Reviews like this make my day.

    The good news is that OSX, as of Mavericks (10.9) uses the same backend library (CoreBluetooth) as iOS, so porting from iOS to OSX should be relatively straightforward. The bad news is that there’s so much to do polishing the existing apps there won’t be time for this for a while. If you are a developer or have any friends who are, the iOS app is open source and on Github and I would happily answer questions that came up during the porting process.


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