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      Lawrie Beales

      Any chance of making the iOS app support using the Apple Watch as a digital display?
      I realise you would still need your iphone in your pocket but it would be handy to be able to read what your are measuring on your arm.

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      Haha, this is the first thing that has made me want to get an Apple Watch.

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      Apple Watch app would be really handy! Can someone please attempt a simple app. Main screen would display both channels, force touch the screen and you are given the option to change the top and bottom channel settings.

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      As an owner of a small wind turbine and a recently purchased mooshimeter I would love to see a watch complication for V or I

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      Oh man, I had an application this would have been awesome for, with an experiment running in the next room that I had to keep checking. The ability to set an alarm value that triggers a notification would be icing on the cake.

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      Hi guys,

      and @duane have done some work on this for Android and I might try to replicate what we’ve done on the Android side for iOS. Basically we can set up the app to broadcast readings through the NSNotificationCenter and other apps can receive them. This way we don’t bloat the Mooshimeter app and others can develop lightweight viewers suitable for their application.

      Anyway, that’s my plan for now. Thanks for the feedback!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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