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      I either saw this somewhere or dreamed of it while waiting for delivery…..

      For example…..

      Hook up a thermistor and set zero to be the resistance at freezing. Then enter a scale factor to get an accurate reading at the point of interest.

      (Or in another mode, a lookup table with interpolation)

      (And be able to save for that particular device for future recall.)

      This would also let the “measure current with existing wire as shunt” that you demo actuall be usable.
      (We would now have to draw up a lookup chart on paper and check back and forth)

      Just my rant for today


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      Thanks Tom –

      I know I’ve been saying various new app features are “in the works” for a while so it’s probably not too satisfying to hear it again. :) But I’m bringing in outside help on the apps, hopefully the pace of change will accelerate and we can get some of these suggestions in place.

      Math is definitely something that would add a lot of value so it’s high on the priority list.

      So – this answer is a bit of a punt, but I just want you to know you’re not writing in to the void, your feedback is being aggregated!


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      this thread is more than a year old ant there is still no possibility to “measure current with existing wire as shunt”.
      When will this Feature be implemented?

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