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      Just wondering if you have considered pricing for MM with no case, leads clips etc; I am sure many people will be using in semi permanent type installs and no need for that fancy case. I will need at lease another 3 units – because it can’t monitor 2 similar voltages simultaneously ….

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      Right now since I have all the parts in stock in equal quantity, selling a meter without the case and leads would actually create logistical headaches. Since the accessories are COTS though I’ll consider it for the next manufacturing run. Thanks!

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      …because it can’t monitor 2 similar voltages simultaneously…
      You can on the AUX with an external precision voltage divider.
      2 0.1% resistors and a 1.2V-2V Zener diode for protection are cheaper than a complete meter.
      If you measure at higher voltages (for safety lets say 40V) you should buy resistors rated for this voltage or better.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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