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      I just bought a Mooshimeter this week from Digi-Key. Tried to wake it up and it didn’t work. Checked the wiki for the flash pattern and found that it was signalling dead batteries. Pulled them out, checked them on a DMM and sure enough they are both down to 1V.

      I guess it had been sitting on the shelf at Digi-Key for too long. It’s a shame that a high end pair of Duracell’s dated March 2021 were completely wasted.

      I strongly recommend packing the batteries separately or inserting an insulator to keep them disconnected while sitting at distributors.

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      Hi Paul,

      I agree with your diagnosis, I think Digikey’s stock has been sitting there for too long.

      The design of the case makes it hard to insert a plastic insulator that is accessible from the outside. If I design a new version of hardware I’ll definitely include a way of inserting a plastic insulator.

      Sorry for the trouble, thanks

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      Hi James,

      Thanks for the reply. Yea, I read and watched about how difficult it was to get the case to pass the strict safety standard so it’s no surprise it prevents an easy implementation.

      BTW – Been testing out and playing around with my Mooshimeter the past few days and it is fantastic! It is one heck of a fine piece of engineering and design.

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      I had the same issue for my mooshi that I got from digikey :/

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