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      I thrilled to receive my Mooshimeter last night, but the LED wasn’t blinking. I tried to wake it up anyway; unsurprisingly, nothing happened. Thinking that this might be a side effect of sitting in a cold mailbox for hours, I left it inside overnight to warm up, but the morning came without any LED blinking.

      So, I went to open it up, and as I was loosening the screw on the battery end, the LED started blinking! Hurray! I did go ahead and open it up all the way, hit the reset button, and press on the battery clips, but it worked perfectly when I put it back together. Looking closely, both top battery tabs were scraping the inside of the case. The top right tab appears to have dug in more, so maybe it was being deformed enough to lose battery contact.

      I think that I’m all set, but I thought that I would post this in case it helps someone else.

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      Ditto! A quarter turn on the battery side screw and LED began to blink.

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