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      I received my Mooshimeter today. It works otherwise OK, but two things do not:

      1) Streaming logs back from Mooshimeeter to iphone doesn’t work. The dialog for it does not open (logging works just on or off ).Logging works OK as I can read the files if I take the SD-card out. I tried in Android an it works OK both ways (but I need the iOS to function)

      2)Temperature is about 10 C too low both by internal sensor and K-thermocouple. Checked with IR and Fluke with K-thermocouple. Faulty equipment or software problem?? Same in Android and IOS

      System data:
      Iphone 7 plus iOS 10.2 App ver 1.08 (1206) FW Build 1477971088
      Android Sony E2303 Android 5.0 App ver 1.0.33 (2097) FW Build 1477971088
      Any ideas?

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      Hi Jorma,

      1) The log download feature is still a very new feature and for iOS it’s only available in the beta version of the app (for Android it’s in the production version). To join the iOS beta program send an email with “join iOS beta” in the subject line to “”.

      2) The internal temperature sensor should not be 10C off. If you’d like to exchange the unit email me ( and I can arrange it.

      Hope this helps, best

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