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      Hi there,

      got my Mooshi, woke it up. On my android 4.4.2 Smartphone (Cynus T6) it is seen in the BT settings, but gets the error, pairing not possible, b/o wrong PIN. But there is no request for a PIN.

      In the Mooshimeter App it is not visible

      I tried BLE Scanner. Mooshimeter V.1 is visible but connects and disconntects every few seconds. The LED gives a bright blink , when its connected

      I changed batteries without success, unfortunately I have no other BT4.0 device.
      Any ideas?

      Thanks for your effort!

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      Hi Mike,

      I’m having the same exact issue:

      I’d rather not speak on behalf of the developers, but it seems that this is a matter of taking a knee until a panacea-laced update is released. Yesterday’s update hasn’t done the trick for me – yet hope prevails.


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