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      Jürgen Petry

      Hi folks,
      when trying to pair the Mooshimeter with my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (Android 4.4.4, Build-Number 23.01.A.5.77), I get always asked to enter a PIN. What is the PIN I have to enter?
      Thanks a lot & best regards, Jürgen

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      Hi Jürgen,

      That’s very strange, the Mooshimeter requires no encryption or authentication, so no pin should be required. Can you try rebooting your phone?

      This is a new one…

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      Hi James,

      thanks for your quick reply, but rebooting the phone doesn’t help, as you may see here:

      Best regards, Jürgen

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      Hello again

      Good news: I tried several well known PINs, and with “00000000”, it worked :-)

      Bad news: When I’m on the screen as shown on “Screenshot_2015-02-05-17-50-32.png” at

      and I try to effectively connect to the mooshimeter, I get the screen as shown in “Screenshot_2015-02-05-17-50-25.png”, but after a few seconds, I’m back at “Screenshot_2015-02-05-17-50-32.png” again, no matter what I do.

      Any idea what goes wrong?

      Best Regards, Jürgen

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      Ah! Thanks for that. Needs to be on their “how to get out of shipping mode” info page. 1234 nor 0000 worked, but 00000000 did the trick!

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      Hi Jürgen (and Dave),

      I’ll take a note of the PIN code issue – that’s strange, hadn’t heard of it before :)

      Regarding the meter view coming up and then dropping back to scan view… that is quite strange! The app does not crash though so a debug report is not sent for me to analyze. This may be the only time I’ve wished the app crashed.

      I can only offer the standard suggestions – let me know if you’ve tried them all:
      1. Rebooting the phone
      2. Rebooting the meter (need to unscrew the case to touch the reset button)
      3. Reinstalling the app, and trying the alpha version if you haven’t already (at )

      Let me know if one of those works for you

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      when i try to connect to the mooshimeter from the android bluetooth setup page he is asking for a pin code.
      But it is not needed du connect to the meter from this page.
      The mooshimeter app finds the meter and it works fine.
      (Samsung S4)

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      Added it to the FAQ

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      Hello again,

      bad news: I downloaded, but when I tried to install it, I get an error message, see


      on Dropbox at

      And by the way: Rebooting the phone as well as uninstall/install doesn’t make things better :-(

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      Hi Jürgen,

      That’s very strange… not sure why Android would disallow the installation. Can you double check that you fully uninstalled the app? Pulling the icon in to the trash from your home screen removes the icon but does not uninstall the app on some devices. The most complete way I’ve seen is Settings->Application Manager->Mooshimeter->Uninstall

      I’m working on improving error reporting within the app, if you can get a new version installed hopefully we can figure out what’s happening in your phone. Sorry for the trouble

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      Because i have installed today a Bluetooth module in my laptop, during i was pairing it with my smartphone, I discover that the PC and the Mooshimeter were “discussing” together. The PC asks me for pin code. After some reserches in the Web and différent tests (like “0000” or “00000000”) I discover that “00000” is the good pin code : now the Mooshimeter is “Couplé” with my PC.
      Maybe that could help somebody.

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      First post on here, please be nice…
      I had exactly the same issue today with my Xperia Z3 Compact, asking for a PIN for bluetooth pairing. I tried all combinations of four, five and eight zeros, 1234, 12345 etc, but to no avail. I also tried rebooting the phone and resetting the Mooshimeter, no joy. This meter is known to work with a Samsung S7 and a Tab 3, so no hardware issues on Mooshi’s side.
      The eventual cure was to connect the bluetooth from the Android settings in the phone before selecting the meter within the Mooshimeter app, first go, perfect.
      Hopefully this helps someone out there hoping to, like me, devote a pensioned off phone to a more technical life!

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      Thank you Scott, that’s an oddity I hadn’t heard before. Added to the FAQ.

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