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      andy Putz


      I have a Problem with my Mooshimeter. The meter works for few Months perfekt. Today the Phone can not find the meter.
      I have try this:

      1.Battery changed
      2. Mooshimeter Reset
      3. Phone factory Reset
      4. Bluetooth App clear Data and Cache
      5. Beta App and Firmware istall

      I dontn know what can i do, Phone cant find it.
      Phone is a Motorola Moto G3 with Android 6 (no root).
      Phone can find all other Bluetooth devices and connect, i think Phone is o.k.

      Meter is also o.k. with Galaxy S4 Mini all its o.k.
      Idea what can i do ??????????????

      Sorry for my English

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      It sounds like you did all the easy steps. Did you try to momentarily short the meter probes between ohm and common? Sometimes the meter thinks it is still in shipping mode. Also, does the LED blink under any condition? The LED is located on the bottom of the meter at the end that has the batteries. You may need to be in a fairly dark room to see the LED because in some modes it can be a be a very brief dim flash. — Duane

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      Thanks Duane and Andy,

      Andy – just trying to understand. The meter worked fine for a few months, then stopped working with your phone, BUT Mooshimeter still works connected to a Galaxy S4 mini?

      So the problem is between specific phone and the meter? The time I have seem a problem like this is when Android tries to pair with the meter and fails, but keeps the faulty bond in long term memory. Can you go to Settings->Bluetooth->Paired Devices? If the Mooshimeter is listed under paired devices, can you delete it?

      I hope this helps, please let me know if you learn more details.

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      Hello !!

      Yes its only a Phone specific problem. S4 Mini works, Moto G3 nothing.

      I have all things try´d, Moto G3 can not connect to Meter. . :-((


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      Hmmmm… I’m very sorry, but the only tricks I know for fixing BLE problems on a specific phone are
      -Rebooting the phone
      -Clearing the long term bonds
      -Reinstalling the Mooshimeter app

      I think the third one is the only I haven’t heard you try – can you give it a shot?

      Please let me know how else I can help. Best,

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      I have make many reinstall´s, no way. :-((

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      Hi Andy,

      I’m very sorry to hear that… unfortunately I am out of ideas. If it were the Mooshimeter that was failing I would offer replacement, but since the meter itself seems to work and the problem is on the phone side, I don’t know if there’s anything else I can do.

      Please let me know if you learn something, or think of another way I can help.

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      Thank you !!

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      Hello !!

      After long trying I have now solved the problem. Solution Mobile root acess and costom rom CM13. Happy it Works perfect. Problem is just software Android.
      Hardware Moto G3 is not the problem.

      Nice day!

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