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      Julia Truchsess

      Came in this morning, launched the iPhone app, tapped on the meter’s ID, and instead of the usual meter display got a very brief flash of a firmware update progress window, then a dialog saying “FW Upgrade Failed! Device disconnected etc”.

      Now my meter says FW Build 0, and tapping it again produces the same sequence.

      Again, like the last time my meter was bricked, I was not notified of an update or asked if I wanted to perform one. I did not “disconnect” the meter, or do anything except tap the meter’s ID once in the scan window in order to select it, like I do every time I need to use it.

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      Hi Julia,

      That’s really strange, because automatic firmware updating has definitely been removed from the app. If you go to the app store and search for Mooshimeter, does it say there’s an update available?

      Please do the following:
      1. Ensure you have the latest version of the app
      2. Put fresh batteries in the Mooshimeter (low batteries are known to cause firmware update failure)
      3. Connect to the meter and see if it accepts firmware this time.

      If the meter is still bricked, I’ll exchange it for you again. Sorry for the headache!

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      Hi James,

      It was caused by low batteries, I guess, and I did not have the latest version of the app. After following your instructions, it re-loaded its f/w and I am Mooshing again, thanks!

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      Hooray! Thanks for the follow-up!

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