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      I posted a few weeks back, as I just cannot get my mooshimeter to connect with my iphone 7+ (IOS 10.3.2). Essentially I’ve never been able to get this to work, and indeed I bought it for work, but my colleagues gave up on it.

      Is the reality it is simply not compatible with recent iphones ?

      If so I’ve made a very expensive mistake.

      I’ve tried all the suggestions like new batteries, resetting it, reinstalling the app etc, but it just won’t connect.

      I am soooo at the end of my tether with this, It’s been lying in a box for some months now, and it grieves me I’ve wasted money on it to be honest.

      Is there a workround, like can I use it somehow with my bluetooth enabled laptop under windows ? Is there a windows interface for it ?

      I don’t have any android devices and do not want to buy one to get this working.

      H E L P !!!!

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      I have a iPhone 7 plus with iOS 10.3.3, and I’ve had no issues with connecting the Mooshimeter with Bluetooth. Your Mooshimeter is in shipping mode, which is why you can’t connect to it. To take it out of shipping mode, connect the test leads to the Ohms & Common jacks. Once you do that, touch the leads together until you see the LED flash. This will turn on the Bluetooth transmitter on the Mooshimeter. Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone, and start the Mooshimeter app. When it detects the meter, tap on the icon to connect.

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