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      I am testing a computer power supply and seeing transient voltage dips from 12 VDC to 11.1 VDC on the Mooshimeter in graph mode. I connected my Fluke 87 in Peak Min/Max mode at 1ms and it does not register these dips. The second channel on the Mooshi is set to DC volts and connected directly to the Common input terminal. It is also seeing transients spikes at the same time. It looks like noise internal to the meter.

      Here are some screenshots:

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      Looks like you are using release 29, so in my opinion, no you cannot trust those readings. Other folks here, including myself, have seen this issue. From memory, I was thinking this issue and other issues had been fixed in a previous release of app and/or firmware, but now they have returned in release 29. Fix something, break something else. I am certain James is aware of the issue. By the way, very nice screenshots. You saved a least a thousand words :) – — Duane

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      Hi Wayne

      I’ll echo Duane in thanking you for the nice screenshots. I found the issue with the occasional spikes in data (someone emailed about it as well). I’ve uploaded a new firmware build, 1470628829, which addresses the issue in the meters I’ve tested. If you restart your app (assuming you’re running the beta) you should have the option to upgrade to the latest firmware.

      I hope this fixes the issue for you. Best,

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      OnePlus 2 / fw 1470628829

      Fw update went pretty well this time. Almost perfectly.

      But.. Why that fw-version number coloring from connection screen had to be taken away? (happened a while ago) Now updates creep in to spook you, when youre in a hurry to measure something.

      And another closely related thing (while pressing yes-yes-yes to everything in your way to get to measure), pressing that first ~”update now” button seems to give you choice before updating, but it is all automated from there (not bad, havent just seen any information of that behaviour). Again i was seeing “lecacy mode” checkbox, which i had to check every time before these last 2 times and thought what would happen if not selecting that etc..

      Actually first thing i had to touch after clicking ~”update now”, was to close app (swiping off in multitasking menu), when back at connection screen there was a ghost of old fw and refreshing did tell that no meters are to be seen. After app reset, mooshimeter was found and has been on graph mode with mains voltage for 1200 secs and havent seen any spikes. Nice. Bonus points for fw update without a screwdriver ;)

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      The new firmware appears to have fixed the problem. Thank you. :-)

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