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      I just got my mooshimeter, rev I 04/2015 and have been playing around with it. (and yes, it was not in “shipping” mode)

      With the default (non-beta) app, it would connect in standard but it can’t seem to ever connect when in “Bootloader” mode.
      It would say “Connecting…” and would never really connect (and the meter itself will eventually go into standard app).
      Once this happens, the app can’t connect to the meter again even after resetting the meter (“respringing” aka pkilling zygote allows the app to reconnect to the meter).

      Now with the beta app, ver: 1.0.21 (1811), it does nothing when I tap the meter in “Bootloader” mode.

      The FW on the unit is “1445847981” (in the beta app, the number is “red”)
      Phone itself is a Nexus 5X running 6.0.1.
      To rule out BT interference, I’ve disabled any other BT devices around.

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      ok, with lots of trying, I was able to get it to connect and update via “Bootloader” mode.
      It now has “1460332895”
      But it presented a new “challenge” of being stuck in “Firmware update” mode.
      The app would see it as a “Mooshimeter” (aka not in “Bootloader” mode) and connecting to it takes a few attempts and it will bring up the “Firmware updater” screen.
      Clearing the cache, resetting the unit, pulling the batteries to reboot it, all didn’t work.

      What ended up working was for me to go to Android’s Settings, Apps, then do both a “Force Stop” and “Clear Data”.

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      Hi MoFoQ,

      The meter is only in bootloader mode for 5 seconds after a reboot. Some Android devices seem to take a long time to find and connect to a peripheral, I expect this is where the difficulty was coming from.

      Thanks for the report of erroneously starting the FW update activity after updating new firmware. From your description of the fix it sounds like some state is being saved in the app or in Android that needs to be updated, and restarting the app cleared it. I added it as an issue on the Mooshimeter android app github repository.

      Thanks again, let me know if other issues come up.

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      interestingly, just “Force Stop” didn’t work.
      Neither did “Force Stop” + “Clear Cache”

      Luckily, I don’t have to do a F/W update that often so yea.

      Considering it’s a CC2540 chip and there are the 3V, CK, RST, DT, GND pads, could it be updated via CC Debugger in a worst case scenario?

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      It may be possible to update the FW via CCDebugger, but we don’t officially support that because doing it wrong will erase the calibration data stored in flash and require recalibrating the meter.

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