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      Recently I had the chance to use some bluetooth Fluke voltmeters, and I thought you might like to know how they compared with the Mooshimeter.

      – The Fluke BT multimeters are bulky and really expensive, but also phenomenally well made. No surprise there.
      – The specialised Fluke senders are smaller and less expensive, but only capable of one type of measurement (eg DC voltage).
      – The resolution of the Fluke voltage senders is only 0.1mV
      – Both Fluke and Mooshimeter have really good range and maintain a connection under difficult conditions (lots of interference, lots of metal between sender and receiver).
      – The Fluke senders eat batteries in standby and have to be switched off manually. In my set-up the senders are difficult to access, so this is a significant inconvenience.
      – The connection process after switching on the Fluke receiver is slow.
      – With multiple Fluke senders there is no good way to know which is which. The order they are listed on the receiver can change each time it is switched on.
      – The Flukes can transmit logged data wirelessly.
      – Last but not least, the Fluke app requires a ridiculous number of permissions including full access to private phone data and to the network. Furthermore Fluke’s privacy policy is worthless. I don’t know if the Fluke app does do anything malicious, but the fact that it could is worrying.

      So in conclusion… go Mooshimeter!

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      This is great, thank you for comparing these! Do you mind if I copy this over as a testimonial? We actually haven’t tried out the Fluke units yet. Do they have onboard logging features?

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