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      I received a new Mosshimeter yesterday (I have had one previously so I’m not totally new to the Mooshimeter device) and I had some difficulties getting it paired with my mobile. The mobile is a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and fully updated, I would consider this a common device, most people I know have either an iPhone or a late Samsung Galaxy.

      Firstly I had to enter a PIN number to pair the mooshimeter to the S7, I wasn’t aware of a PIN number but a quick search led me to a topic here on the forum that suggested “00000000” and that worked for me, it paired with that PIN.

      Next I couldn’t see the meter in the app, I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but that didn’t work, it wasn’t until later in the day after returning from a drive and my GPS was still switched on that I found the meter only appears in the app if the GPS is enabled. I have since tried this many times and if I deny the app access to the GPS it is not able to find the meter. Conversely if I allow the app access to the GPS, it finds the meter immediately.

      If this is expected behavior (on some devices?) perhaps it could be documented on the included instruction card that tells users how to disable shipping mode. I’m sure this would improve the “straight out of the box” user satisfaction rather than having to search for clues and instructions on how to get it working.

      Perhaps if the mooshimeter app will not work without GPS enabled, it should exit or simply not “scan for devices” or even tell the user it is non-functional.

      Now I know about these things it isn’t a huge issue, but I thought I should post my experience as it may help others or help “remedy” these issues in future releases.


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      I tried now with a Mooshimeter with the latest firmware on a newly reset S7 and it worked great. But! i never got the question about a pin code. Can’t say i have gotten the question on my Tablet S3 or Galaxy S8 either. If i did i surely only clicked through it without filling it in.

      But i can confirm that the Mooshimeter needs “GPS” to be turned on on my devices. Struggled a bit with this in the beginning as i can’t find any reason for Mooshim to know my location, but ended up turning it on so i could use the Mooshimeter.

      If i turn it off now, i can’t connect. Turning it on again- it connects just fine. So it’s easily reproducible. Still can’t see a reason for Mooshim to see my location but that’s another story.

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      Oneplus 2, android 6.0.1, starting mooshimeter with location services disabled:


      So, it’s not mooshimeter which needs location, it’s deeper in the os.

      And for the pairing and pin stuff, you should not need to pair your mooshimeter with your phone. Just start mooshimeter app and it should find your device, no need to search it in bluetooth settings on the operating system side. It should not need anything else than bluetooth and apparently location services. In the past, there were problems if you had no internet connection, as the app did a update check and there were no timeout. It has been fixed.

      Mooshimeter app is open source, so if James tried to collect our locations for his private collection, i’m quite sure there would have been angry mob with pitchforks and torches on his door by now :D

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      Thanks guys, I was aware that later Android tries to use GPS for “better bluetooth scanning” but I have other devices that I just deny GPS location services for and they still work fine, as the screenshot shown says “While it is not required, it is recommended….”, this is not the case for Mooshimeter, it is an absolute necessity, otherwise it simply doesn’t work.

      Although I would prefer the Mooshimeter to work without GPS, it would at least be nice if it told me it wasn’t prepared to work unless I do switch on GPS. As I said, it’s less of a problem for me know I know, but I was starting to think I had a duff device or something up with my mobile as all my other BT devices are working fine with GPS off.

      I’m not overly concerned about privacy, I just prefer to have gps off to extend battery life, having to turn it on to connect to the mooshimeter isn’t the end of the world, just a niggle.

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