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      When I connect to my Mooshimeter via my iPhone or iPad mini, some of the settings always get reset, such as the update rate. This is an issue because I’m trying to use the mooshi as a remote/wireless datalogger, and I don’t want the update rate to change when I connect to the meter. Is there a way to disable this, or is it native to the app or the meter?

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      Hi Austin,

      The iOS app automatically resets the sample rate and buffer depth upon connection… a lot of users never touch these settings so I thought it made sense to keep those on autopilot as much as possible. If you want to change those for logging mode you’ll have to reset them every time before you disconnect. When it disconnects, the meter holds the last settings it received from the app. Sorry about that, hope it’s not too much trouble.


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      Ok, thanks for the response! I kinda figured it was the default behavior but wanted to ask to make sure.

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