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      Got my meter a few days back – unpacked it yesterday to test. App found nothing after scanning twice; opened the cover to test batteries – read 1.45 V at rear terminals. Put in new batteries – by the time I carried it into the room where my phone was waiting, batteries had become too hot to touch! I think we’ve got a dead short here – what would you like me to do?


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      Hi Bilbat,

      I’ve seen this before – sometimes the battery terminals on the meter get slightly bent so they apply too much pressure to the ends of the battery when you screw the bottom back on. When this happens, some AA batteries will short internally and discharge themselves, getting quite hot in the process.

      I recommend removing the batteries and seeing which one is dead, then adjusting the battery terminal (they can be bent by hand) so that it does not apply quite as much pressure. Then put in a fresh battery.

      I hope this helps, please let me know how it goes and sorry for the trouble.

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      I’ll give it a try – sounds reasonable, as I read about the voltage one would expect from a single battery, and if I recall correctly, the second one I removed did not seem as hot as the first – probably heated up from proximity…


      Bill Bathke

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