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      Eugene W


      Previously, I’ve had an issue with the data not writing to a single report, so I went out and got an SD card with a higher write rate. After that my meter was working fine. However, I let my meter sit for a couple months and now it is producing corrupt data (random charters appear in the data – up arrows, TM’s, quotations, ect.). I’ve reformatted my SD card numerous times but the issue continues. Is there any help / trouble shooting you can provide?

      Thank you.

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      Hi Eugene.

      Have you tried fresh batteries? And watch out for those sharp battery holders, if negative holder breaks battery insulation, it would be in short circuit and burn you, or at least the meter itself.

      Which firmware version? If you’re not in beta program, as far as i know, its been a while when you got updates. Many things has been improved since.. Update for “normal” users should be on its way anytime now, but if living on the edge with daily new ways to crash sounds good, then you should join us ;) (No, really its been just fine as beta tester and somebody has to take those hits from bugs, James can’t do it all by himself)

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      Hi Eugene and Ville,

      I pushed the beta apps to production yesterday, you should be able to get the latest version by simply visiting the App Store/Play Store.

      Eugene: For your reference, the latest firmware version is 1470628829. SD card reliability has increased substantially over the last few months of firmware development. The new support wiki also has more information on the firmware update process if you have any issues. I hope the update fixes the problem, please let me know how else I can help.


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