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    What is the min/max current draw on the batteries? I am tired of changing them and am thinking of ‘hacking’ the meter so that I can power it with a LiPo. I know I think I will need to design a voltage regulating circuit as the Mooshimeter wants 3V and a LiPo can output up to 4.2V when fully charged. I have a 3D pronter and am planning on printing a completely new case. Mooshimeter – I know this will void the warranty and probably the CAT III rating.

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    You could consider using a LiFePo4 cell instead, which has a lower maximal voltage of abt. 3.3V – which probably will be tolerated by the mooshimeter without an extra regulation circuit. (Of course a LiFePo4-capable charger will then be needed.)

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    How long are your batteries lasting? With occasional use a couple of Duracells last me roughly a year. Check you don’t have a batch of dud batteries. Also check the battery holders for burrs. This has caused shorts for some Mooshimeter owners.

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    Hi, Tim,

    Thanks for the reply. I am using mine for constant recording with ‘No Wait’. Good, brand new batteries last about 3 days. I have recently been looking at LFP (LiFePO4) batteries as they have a 3.2 volt output, so no voltage regulation would be required.


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