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      A current clamp is recommended for various uses, and there are also suggestions for measuring existing wiring for use as a current shunt.

      However, I can only see how to display these readings as voltages from the low-voltage input. I must then calculate the current that is flowing from the measured voltage.

      Is it possible to enter the resistance or clamp sensitivity into the app and have the channel displayed in amps ?

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      Hi Artag,

      Sorry, entering a scale factor is not supported in the apps yet, you must convert mentally. It’s been on the to-do list for a long time but app development time has been absorbed by Android bugs.

      Sorry about that, happy new year

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      I may need to get new clamp :D

      Just set up logging for one phase of whole house. Just basic ac-clamp with 1:1000 ratio, so mooshimeters ac-measurement shows nothing.. Then I added only smallish resistor i could find (47ohm) and changed to aux voltage, which now shows spot on what my ohms law calculations told. And fluke 87v was “way” of, which can’t be true, but we’ll see when i become too curious about my logging results.

      Sadly i did not remember that i could use A-connector as other common in (partly) floating measurements and raped one testlead to use with stackable banana-leads that i had for my clamp.

      So if we are getting that scaling option, it should have some “yes, i am stupid, i do my own equipment and my scale is out of this world”-mode ;)

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      :) thank you for the descriptions – they made me laugh. I’ll post to the blog when manual scaling is in the beta.

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      My logging worked fine, got nice graph of amps and (what i basicly knew before) it seems waste of time to measure mains voltage, as it is very stable here and does not change at all with my heatpump starting etc. I had 1 minute intervals, so even less chance to see those drops..

      Only “problem” was when i opened that .csv with libreoffice calc, just pressed ok in importer window and values did not work.. In few seconds i realized that there is once again this locale difference and decimal separators are wrong, so i opened that file again and set source language to american english before blindly pressing ok and then decimal points changed automatically to commas and i could start screwing around with data. In finnish. Which is crazy thing to do by itself.. wtf with translating every single command, when everyone born in last century had learned to use excel/other spreadsheet softwares in english. Basic usage will kill my F1 button :D

      By the way, fluke did show ~same values as mooshimeter when i ended logging, with ~1% difference in voltage over that 47 ohm resistor.. It was ~20% or so at yesterday when i started.. Both times my separate ac/dc-clamp was very close with my mooshi+math.

      And back to the point..

      As data will be always going through spreadsheets, its easy to scale everything before analyzing, but while setting measurements up, it would be great to see proper values and easily find mistakes before letting the meter do its thing for a week..

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      Very interested and need of the Math function to show DC current when using DC Aux voltage to measure a shunt!!

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