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      Everything about this meter seems great, except for documentation on using external shunts. I have piles of 50mV, 75mV and 100mV shunts but nowhere in the documentation do I see how to define in the software what the mV rating of the shunt is or what the amperage of the shunt is. If I can’t tell the software what a 50mV drop means in terms of current how can it work correctly? This would be a GOLD MINE product for the solar industry but we need accurate current display, graphing and instructions on which shunt to choose.
      For example If I use a 100A 50mV shunt how can I tell the software that a 50mV drop = 100A? I need this device to graph and label/identify the correct amperage. I plan to use this for solar data logging & 20 hour battery capacity testing, but the documentation on proper use of external shunts seems to not exist? What am I missing?
      Can you please provide us more information on the use of external shunts. 10A DC is entirely useless to me and I need to be able to range upwards of 500A for certain measurements via a shunt.. It seems that a “pick list” of shunt ratings would suffice.
      eg: In the software – “Pick Your Shunt”
      50mV – 100A
      50mV – 200A
      75mV – 50A
      75mV – 100A
      75mV – 200A
      etc. etc..
      I am about to buy one from Circuit specialists so this info is critical..

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