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    Is this even where I should put this?

    I sent them an email about a month ago nicely asking for a replacement or advice on what to do next, but I got no response.

    There’s no contact phone numher anywhere and besides the support email line everything seem’s to direct you to start a thread on here.

    I guess I am asking for someone in the company to reply to this?

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    That company is basically a one man show.. But, there is always an option of asking the audience.

    Have you got any life signs out of your device? Does the led blink? If so, how often etc…

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    Hi Alexander,

    I see the email you sent this morning, and I can see it references an email in January. For some reason I don’t see the original message in my inbox, not sure why. Anyway, happy to follow up over email :)


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    Alexander Gurr

    James sent me a response this morning after I sent a follow-up email. Glad I got a response. The missed email is understandable now that I see that it’s just James running it. We’re working it out.

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    Responses were quick and effective. Now I wish I could change the title of this thread “Defective product…However, now I feel so satisfied after a couple of issues with miscommunication. James seems like a cool dude to me.”

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    I’ve sent several emails also, without response. But understand the challenges of small business since I’m working in a 2-person international venture that has us spread really thin.

    But I love my mooshimeter, works great when troubleshooting complex systems that require circuit monitor on key system while using 2nd DMM to probe around in other subsystems.

    Bought myself a replacement mooshimeter when 1st unit’s batteries leaked from the battery holder burr. Want to buy a refurbished board for my original meter —- help James!

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    Hi Mark – I apologize, I don’t see any emails from the address listed on your comment (it’s not publicly available but since I’m site admin I can see it). Where have you been sending messages?

    Also – thank you for the kind words and I’m glad you’re enjoying the product :) It’s actually a 1 person company.


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