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      I am desperately trying to find out whether it is possible to delete the log files via the app (or in general via bluetooth.)
      I’ve written my own programm to connect to the mooshimeter and read out the logs, however I cannot find a way to delete them without removing the memory card and deleting them by hand.

      Your responses and help are very appreciated, thanks in advance.


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      There is a trashcan icon on the download view. So you need to open every file one by one to remove them. I just checked and seem to have 70 logs on my card, so screwdriver would be the fastest way..

      If someone is able to update mooshi-app, it would be really nice to invert the log order in download view. Now we need to download whole list before selecting the newest one for saving.

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      Could you send me an image of that view? I really cannot find it in the app..

      Thank you

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      View post on

      There you go. You need to start downloading to see that trashcan.

      I am on android with latest (but really old) app version.

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      And there is my problem…

      I cant see the delete button.
      Is it actually deleting the logs on the mooshimeter or the logs you downloaded on your phone?

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      I think it removes them actually from the card on the mooshimeter.

      But that’s strange. I tried with biggest font and some other display-size-setting on max and still the trashcan was there. So it is not a fitment issue, which came to mind while seeing our screenshots side by side. Your screen seems to be just a little lower resolution, but I have used this app on way lower ones.

      Could you try with other phone/tablet? Or re-install with current one.
      Which app version you have? (mine is: 1.0.38 (2214))
      What’s the firmware on the mooshimeter? (mine: 1522204715)

      Those versions are almost 3 years old, so it would be safe to assume you have the same ones. But your mooshimeter-logo has colors in it, mine is gray. Can’t remember if I have had that one sometime, but it seems vaguely familiar. Maybe you really have an older app/fw?

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      I just checked:
      Android App 1.0.38 (2214) – same as yours.
      However when my firmware says 1477971088.
      Whenever I try to update the firmware it says:

      Image Info:
      Current Build: 1477971088
      New Build: 1477971088

      And in the message-box it says:
      Downloading latest firmware..
      Successfully downloaded newer firmware file!
      Unpacking firmware… Image loaded.
      Ready to programm device

      So it looks like there is something wrong with my update-process..??

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      Wtf. I was sure i saw my current app version, but no. My main account/phone is on beta program and my actual app version is 1.0.43(2283) and comes with bundled fw 1522204715.

      I just installed regular app from play store to factory reseted old phone and got both same versions as you. And there is no trashcan.

      You should be able to join beta-program and download “new” 3 years old version, which basically gives you log deletion and working 10 minute logging interval (there was a variable overflow bug which gave little over minute as a maximum)

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      I also joined the beta-program and have the same app and fw versions as ville. I can see the trash icon, and it does what it should.

      “I think it removes them actually from the card on the mooshimeter.”

      Yes, I can confirm that; just tried. However, the function seems new and still buggy – it lets the app kind of crash each time. A message like “Mooshimeter has just been terminated” appears (in german in my case). This behavior is reproducible, so after each deletion I need to reconnect. But the respective logfile is really deleted anyway.

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      Thanks for your responses, I managed to download the Beta-Firmware and update the Mooshimeter. I can delete the logfiles now.


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