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      Mike Arndt

      Mooshimeter looks like an amazing tool: Thank you for building this!

      I assume you plan to keep going as a company, so I’d like to make a request for a future product: Could you please, please fold the mooshimeter into a watch sized package? The clear case reveals the board isn’t really that big, 85% of the bulk comes from the off-the-shelf connectors and AA batteries. Your meter is the best one I’ve ever seen, however performance of the meter isn’t normally the issue…

      Yesterday on the way out of work I passed a couple having trouble starting their car; they didn’t know why it wouldn’t start, and my meter which would have told me instantly was in my 20 lb toolbox at home where it usually stays. This happens all too frequently. Remember only a few years ago when you would see a friend and say “I found this really cool thing online, lets go find a desktop PC with an internet connection so I can show you”? Today we do that with our phones because we carry them everywhere, yet our meters are still too big to fit in a pocket or on a wrist.

      Did you know a lot of people and companies think it’s impossible to put a multi meter in a watch? While searching for one I’ve turned up two different jokes making fun of what a ridiculous idea this is. ( & (

      The market demographic that would be interested in a watch sized meter always at hand comprises everyone on earth who knows how to use a meter, minus only those professional electricians who already lug one of the brick meters around all day. Remember when Victorinox (Swiss army knife) lost market control under the flood of new multi-tools now available? Before 1990 you couldn’t find the needle nose pliers we see in every tradesman’s pocket, just the red ovoid shaped Swiss army knife. How big is that market now?

      Please consider this request; I would buy one of these for every engineer, handyman and mechanic on my Christmas list if they were available.

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