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      Hi James,

      I accidentally connected the mV input to 12 V, and saw a little spark as I made contact. Did I damage anything, or is it protected against this sort of accident? It seems to work, takes readings OK, but I haven’t tested the voltage accuracy carefully. Will it still be reasonably good after this?

      If something would be damaged by 12 V, could I repair it?

      Could you add a few lines to the specifications giving the safe voltages and currents, particularly when abusing it.

      Thanks for the update! The new continuous logging is great, I don’t have to choose between getting a log and having a look at the current voltage. One thing I’ve found is that it leaves the file open until logging is stopped, so it’s possible to corrupt the file by removing the card.

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      Hi Thomas!

      I’m so glad the continuous logging is working for you! I have another update in the works because I’ve found it still creates unnecessary number of log files with some SD cards… but it all seems to be variation in the wake-up process. Anyway, I digress.

      The low voltage input (labeled Ω) is protected up to 600VAC. So you haven’t damaged anything, it should be totally fine. The protection circuitry does heat up though, and it can throw off your readings for a few minutes afterwards until it cools down.


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