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    As the title says.

    I love the Mooshimeter, but there’s a couple of things i’d really like to see in the app. Upload / Share logfiles (so they can be saved to Dropbox and so on) and delete logfiles for example.

    Any hope something like this will be implemented? Did the development of the app stop?

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    I’m not sure if beta and normal versions are the same by now, but i can share logs on android beta. For some reason, when i tried to delete some small logs, i got disconnected. And it is a bit odd to delete something, as app starts to download log file at the same time you get an option to delete it on the screen. I can’t remember what my larger log-files were, so i just tried for ones with couple of lines. Hopefully it is possible to delete files without transferring them to your phone..

    Beta is quite old and as far as i know, it did not have any new bugs in it, so there should be no reason to release it for all. Or you could just join the beta.

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    I should have been clearer. I’m using iOS. The only way i can “share” is via mail (and only if i use Apps Mail as my mail client). I can’t really recommend a Mooshimeter to my friends any more due to the “lack of functions” in the app.

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    By “Apps Mail” i of course mean “Apple Mail”. My typo. Can’t even blame it on Siri or spell check.

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    This is a good question!

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