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      Eugene W


      I am having trouble with logging readings. When the app is running (with logging ON or logging OFF) for the duration of the reading, the information is organized neatly, in columns, in a single CSV file with the expected results. However, when I hook up the meter, close the app – with logging turned on, each reading ends up logging in an individual CSV file, and / or some information is not logged. With logging turned ON and the app closed, I am expecting readings to be written in a single log file, just as if the app were open the entire duration of the reading. Would this be the wrong assumption or was / is this the original intention? Thank you for your time.


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      Hi Eugene,

      The Mooshimeter opens a new log file under 2 circumstances:

      1. If the user toggles logging off and on again.
      2. If there’s an error writing to the card.

      I think you are experiencing errors writing to the card. When you are connected to the phone, the meter is awake all the time, and never has to put the SD card to sleep. When you disconnect the phone, the meter puts the SD card to sleep and wakes it up every few seconds (depending on your settings) to write. If you are seeing continuous files while connected but broken files after you disconnect, I think there’s an issue waking up the SD card.

      Things to try:
      – Using a different SD card.
      – If you’re on Android, the beta release of the app has new firmware bundled that improves logging behavior and may improve compatibility with your card
      – Setting the meter logging interval to “MAX”. This will hurt battery life, but it will make the SD card never go to sleep.

      I hope one of these helps, sorry for the trouble. Best

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      Is that are specific SD card you would recommend?

      Thank you.

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      I’ve used SanDisk 2GB/4GB/8GB cards before and never had any problem. I’m not sure how much that brand matters, generally it seems to be that smaller cards work more reliably.

      Hope this helps

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