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      Hello, I am probably doing something wrong here, trying to measure simultaneous volts and amps on a small solar panel. I have the neg. solar lead going to Mooshim Common, and Mooshim volt and Amp going to Solar positive. Getting erroneous readings, can anyone help? Thx for your time.


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      The amp-meter has a low impedance and should be connected in series with your load. Something like this:

      Load + to Solar +
      Load – to Mooshimeter Amp
      Mooshimeter Common to Solar –
      Mooshimeter Volt to Solar +

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      Hi Mike,

      You can see hookup information here:

      Quick Solar Panel Demo

      Note that I did this blogpost back when I was only working with prototypes, so the meter and app look a little different. The hookup info is the same though.


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      Thx guys, will check it out ltr tonite.

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      Hi Mike,
      I would like to measure a dc voltage say 12 vdc and the ac ripple say 5 to 20 mv on that 12 volts at the same time. Is this possible and what would the connections look like!

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