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      Timur Born


      Does Mooshi offer – or plan to offer – any kind of event logging similar to what Fluke 280s offer, where only major changes are logged (adjustable threshold).

      For example: I like to log voltage on an office’s mains (220V) socket over several days to see if any major drops or spikes happen. I am obviously not interested in hours and days of stable readings, but only in those rare (if ever) instances where major changes happen.

      Same for my home. Sometimes I can see my (remaining) incandescent and halogen lamps flicker just once. Now I wonder if I get any significant drops and how long these might be. This is interesting for determining the possible effect on computers and other equipment that are not plugged into any kind of UPS.

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      Hi Timur,

      Sorry for not responding sooner, it’s because this is already on the to-do list! There’s actually already space carved out for it in the bluetooth profile, but the feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

      Thanks! Best

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