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      I was thinking (always dangerous, i know).

      As we all like accurate data, but (we and spreadsheet programs) hate when log files grow with thousands of lines of boring values, would it be possible to implement “motion detect”-mode? Like surveillance cameras watch your yard all the time, but only record when something actually happens there.. (or it gets dark and noisy and it records whole night, but you got the point)

      Heres what i thought would work. Constantly sampling, memorycard and radio “off”, so minimum power draw (not sure how long this would go for a set of batteries, but longer than full speed logging to card). Compare calculated sample to previous one (or rolling buffer of few), if set change-rate or plain value limit is hit, then save values to card. Maybe again like surveillance systems, save the values that triggered saving + everything after that for 1..10 secs..

      Plus forced save of sample at maybe 1 min to 1 hour rate (vs zero intervals) to see very slow changes and the big picture.

      That would result in more accurate timing of events and show things that happen in a second or two, which would otherwise often slip through 10 sec or slower intervals etc.. And all this without million lines of log.

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