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      We have cameras in our display devices, we could use those to make quick notes/documentation of our measurements.

      Photo might show how you have connected your meter, or a name/label/something/just a photo of measured device. That would take ~half of screen/picture. Other ~half would have measured values, timestamp, some user input for title and notes etc.. Actually i would not like to write anything at job sites, thats why i thought of this photo mode. It would store enough data, with press of a button, to send for my boss, so he can scratch his head and i would not be the only one to get splinters under my nails ;D

      Phase two, after that first thing have shown some promise or at least interest..:
      Same numerical data that is overlaid to a picture, is saved to a html (/pdf/etc) document, with links to our pictures (or some other way to hide photos after processing). And a way to later manually input labels from our photos and then export nice text only (/spreadsheet/pdf) results.

      Phase three ;) :

      I do similar things a lot at work, but sometimes i run out of hands while holding my multimeter and trying to focus my phones camera to have some readable label and meter screen visible.. With mooshimeter and app doing part of that job, i would gain one hand and one more measuring channel.

      Any thoughts? What did i miss? Would you use it? How have you survived this long without it?

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      If you’re on Android, you can use the Data Broadcast via Intents, pick it up with Tasker – and then well you can do a lot of things.

      – Add an overlay button to mooshimeter that will take a picture, overlay the last data received onto the pic
      – Log data received to a file or cloud service
      – Send the data to a watch (Pebble/Wear etc)
      – Display the channel data on a local chromecast display
      – Stream the data to Twitter… or more usefully an MQ server

      Get creative – once the data is in Tasker… you can do as much as your imagination/patience will allow.

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      PS the intents feature is new – follow the intents tag to find other posts – and particularly you’ll need to download a test version of the app for now. For me it currently works great with Channel 1 data.

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      phedders, I was about to link to another post where I provided the link to download the app with intents when I re-read your post and it took me a moment to figure out you were referring to the Tagged: intents in the upper right of this topic. Nice. Not many topics use these tags. When/how is this done?

      And I agree with you that the capability to get data into Tasker opens up many capabilities.

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      @phedders and @Duane

      So theres about ten of us who will try to go trough the hassle of setting that up.. Five will survive. There must be much more of us who would use this kind of feature, if it is easily available.

      So, i am not pleased just yet.. I want to see your results and some kind of tutorial for setting up everything.. It should be faster to implement than writing down 100 results by hand ;)

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      I do not have a fancy tutorial, but I created this document which may help folks get started with some very basic examples. I think if you have not previously used Tasker, you have to play with it for a while to get used to the way it works. Maybe less than five will survive :)

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      Very late to this party, but thank you Phedders, Ville and Duane. It’s so cool to see users taking things in to their own hands… I’ve been working on streaming SD card logs out over BLE and hope to release it to beta very soon, that’s why I’ve fallen behind in the forums.

      Duane and Phedders – do you mind if I put the documents and images you posted in to a blog post?

      Thank you

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