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      I’m trying to update the firmware from my Samsung Galaxy S3 running CyanogenMod 12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT (Android 5.1.1). My experience with this Android was very good. I never had issues, but for some reason Mooshimeter firmware update runs very slow and it’s failing at the end. The messages from Android app are the following:
      Image Loaded.
      Ready to program device!
      Programming started
      Programming cancelled.
      All blocks confirmed.

      The Android app is showing Mooshimeter V.1, Build 1426035947.

      Does anyone has any idea what can be the issue?


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      Hi Valentin,

      Firmware update from Android used to take about 10 minutes, and still does on older phones and/or older versions of Android. CyanogenMod users are in a minority, I’m not sure if there are specific issues there. I can make 2 suggestions:
      1. Can you ensure you have the latest version of the Mooshimeter app installed?
      2. Do you have access to an iOS device? The firmware update runs much smoother from an iOS device (takes about 60 seconds), and it’s the same firmware that ends up on the Mooshimeter (if you’re interested in some of the BLE challenges on Android, check this blog post).

      Please let me know if these don’t help and I can try to think of something else

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      Hi James,

      1. I should have the latest version of the Mooshimeter app installed since I’ve downloaded from

      2. I will try with an iOS access from a friend to see what will the outcome be.


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