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      There is room for improvement in the current firmware maintenance system, in my opinion.

      First of all, I can’t even tell what firmware version I have because the display is truncated after four digits. I see 10-digit version numbers being bandied about in the forum, but my iOS app (on the scan screen) shows “FW Build: 1447…” It also says “Mooshimeter V.1” in the slot for the found meter. Is that the hardware version? The App version? Why can’t there be a “Meter Info” button somewhere in the App that reports the full firmware version and any other pertinent information about the selected meter?

      Secondly, notification about updates. Currently, checking for updates requires quitting and relaunching the App. I tend to not quit apps on my phone, so I could go for weeks without knowing about an update. How about timed update checks, or a “check for updates” button, or an email to registered users informing them of released updates. Important updates shouldn’t depend on whether or not I happen to visit the forum.

      Thirdly, the force-upgrade procedure: open up the meter, press the reset button, rescan with the app within 5 seconds… I’m surprised we don’t need to stand on one foot while facing south as well! Why not an “Upload Firmware” button in the app?

      Fourthly, I suggest there be a page on the website that lists the current firmware and app versions. I now have to scan through forum messages to see what people are talking about in order to guess at what the latest versions are.


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      Hi Julia,

      This is great feedback, thank you. And your timing could not be better. I’m actively working on the process and made great strides in the latest iOS beta release. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely an improvement. Here’s a video of it:

      Still to-do: I plan on making the check for new firmware smarter – instead of being done when the app boots, it should be done on request (a “check for updates”) button. Also I’d like to add a chooser so you can decide between beta and production firmware (some users who have installed beta firmware and found bugs have been frustrated at the hoops you need to jump through to go back).

      Anyway, thanks again, keep the feedback coming, I’d love to know what you think of the new uploader :)

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      Thanks, James, those look and sound like great improvements!

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