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    Sean McPherson

    James, it doesn’t seem like there’s been a firmware update for over a year (1477971088). Is this correct? If so, is this expected? There’re several oddities, but this implies they’re all eventually going to be dealt with via the app, possibly?

    Also, your captcha link below the forums is sometimes broken. “V1 Unsupported Direct siteowner to”

    Thanks James!

    Sean (FYI, I was an early backer and have been a frequent referrer for friends buying the meter, and as such I need to stay on top of if it’s still something I should be recommending, as my friends need to be using supported products)

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    Hi Sean,

    You’re correct that the latest version of firmware is dated late 2016. I haven’t been updating the firmware because the remaining bugs are almost entirely having to do with iOS and (especially) Android, so I’ve been trying to take care of them on the app side.

    By far the most problematic firmware bug is in the bootloader itself, which I unfortunately cannot update remotely. The issue I’m referring to is that if the batteries are too low, the meter will fail to update and get stuck in an update loop. I’m trying to address that on new stock but unfortunately since that’s bootloader code I can’t change it on existing units.

    Thanks for pointing out the captcha issue – they should all be the google style “I am not a robot” style captchas now, but I see one of the old ones. Will try to figure out why that’s being served.


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    Hi James,

    Are there debug headers that could we can use to update the bootloader ourselves?

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    Hi Sam,

    Unfortunately no – the process of updating the bootloader is quite involved. The bootloader can’t be updated over the air, it must be programmed through the debug pad on the bottom of the board, which also involves erasing the calibration data and re calibrating. So it’s not within the realm of what a user can do.


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    Any possibility that if needed, you could arrange for users to ship their meter in for an update??

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    Hi James,

    I’m currently unable to use my Mooshimeter. It shows up in a scan as bootloader and when I open the loader and run the install, it completes, takes me back to the scan screen, and still shows the meter as a bootloader. No matter what I do I cannot seem to fix this. I’ve even tried doing a button reset a few times on the meter itself to no avail. Any idea what’s going on? Is this the same issue you’re discussing above?



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    Hi Aaron,

    Sorry for slow response on this. I think you’re getting hit with the issue where Android/iOS caches the services offered by the device and shows the meter in bootloader mode when it really isn’t. You can verify the status of the meter by looking at the LED on the device. If it’s flashing slowly 1sec on, 1sec off, it’s in bootloader mode. If it is not in bootloader mode, try rebooting the phone and reconnecting.


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    i have the same problem.
    what can i do now? i cant use my mooshimeter anymore.

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    I had the same problem, too.

    After firmware flashing, the meter still showed up as it would be in bootloader-mode.

    I killed the app from the Android taskmanager and on its next start the meter was correctly displayed on the Bluetooth scan list. (No need to reboot your phone)

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