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      Hi there,

      my mooshimeter is stuck in german customs. I’m afraid they wont release it as it has no CE number on the device stating that it was tested according to european import regulations on radio devices and electrical devices. Any idea what to do?
      Or do you happen to have a full declaration of conformity?
      What is the four digit identification number of the notified body involved in the european conformity assessment procedure?

      Best regards,

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      Did you receive a notification yet? If not, don’t worry, they are really slow at sending notifications (almost 2 weeks for mine). I my case it was stuck because there was no invoice attached on the outside of the package. No one cared about CE conformity. Just mail James and he will send you an invoice.

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      Hi Hang,

      i got my Mooshimeter without problems out of German customs. They only want to see the creditcard statement from dragon inovations and the email that states what i baked for and how much money i spend.

      And there is a CE sign one the meter itself. :)

      Regards Uli

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      My Mooshimeter was hold at the customs in Dortmund. They just wanted a copy of the eMail I got from Dragon Innovation. The guy at the office was really nice and allowed me to forward the mail to him from my smartphone and he printed it for me.

      They said nothing about any conformity stuff like that.

      Had to pay the import taxes (“Einfuhrumsatzsteuer”, 19%) and got the meter without a problem after that.

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      Hi Hang!
      They questioned me at German customs about what it was. Fortunately the lady was quite knowledgeable and well meaning, altjough she mentioned, that there might be a problem because of electric security.

      We decided, that it was kind of a “Multimeter” and sub-category “Oszilloskop” and all was well.

      Hope that helps!


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      Hi guys,
      Italian customs also stoles time (1,5 weeks) and money (28€)…

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      Just wanted to drop in and say I’ve learned a lot about customs in various countries… it seems that about 25% of the packages to Germany get held up asking for some kind of invoice. The other 75% of the time they seem OK with the value declaration on the customs form and let it go.

      I bought sticky envelopes and will start sticking invoices on German packages now, because in most of the cases where an invoice is required the customer had to drive to the customs office, which is a major pain. So thank you guys for the clear communication, it’s helping to get a handle on the problem :)


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