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      Just wanted to post a thank you for an awesome product!

      It took me a few tries to get the data logging working, but after a while I guessed that I might have had an older firmware (it’s not clear what the most current firmware is), but doing a reboot and connect within 5 seconds started the firmware update, and now logging works! Great!

      It’s a bit silly having to open the case to get the data off the sd card; I was about to cut the hole out of the side of the case, but I think I’ll hold off in case the bluetooth data download becomes available. I’d also love to see a basic thermocouple mode, or at least a calculation mode available in the app so I could read thermocouples on the fly.

      Oops, unfortunately, logging just stopped working for me. I’ve tried reloading the firmware again, but no luck. I get the long slow weak orange LED that I thought indicated it was logging, but no data is written to the SD card anymore. The logging indicator turns green, but I keep getting the long dim orange flash even when I disable logging. Any tips?


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      So far I’ve tried reformatting the card, rebooting the meter via the reset switch and pulling the batteries, rebooting my phone, turning on and off the logging via the phone, changing the logging settings, no go.

      What it’s doing now is a weak orange light for a little over a second, repeated every 10 s or so, whether or not I have logging enabled in the app. The only thing that changes the weak orange light is to remove the SD card; then I get only a very short orange flash every 10 s or so. No data is written to the SD card. Meter works fine otherwise, just no logging.

      Any ideas?

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      Ok, read through all the SD card info on this site (google helps a lot).

      Smaller cards work better it seems, so I found a 32 MB card in my junk drawer, and it works pretty well. No more long light, and logging works as expected. There’s some odd fields in the data file: RMS INT Temp[C]
      comes out at -271.53062, oddly close to absolute zero (maybe the AC temperature component expressed in Kelvin?), but otherwise it works.

      Just for future reference – a Sandisk Extreme 16 GB micro SDHC-I only worked once for me, then refused to write anything. A Sandisk Transflash 32 MB (that I found in a parking garage years ago) works fine though. I’d love to know the exact model SD card the developers are using, and buy some of those. So far so good; I think I should get around two weeks of logging at 1 sample /s on a 32 MB card.

      I’m hoping to use my Mooshimeter to monitor the O2 sensor on my motorcycle as I ride around a bit and see what the fuel injection computer is up to. Just the sort of thing that would be difficult with a regular multimeter.

      Also, I’ve been keeping the Mooshimeter in my backpack as my travel multimeter, and with its always on bluetooth link, I can do an avalanche transceiver style search pattern for my backpack using the signal strength displayed on the phone app. Pretty handy, that means I can find my (perhaps lost) backpack in a building within a roughly 150 foot radius. Might have to stick a bluetooth dongle in my wallet too… :)

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      Hi Wade!

      Glad the logging issue seems to be sorted, sorry it gave you some trouble for a while.

      There’s some odd fields in the data file: RMS INT Temp[C]
      comes out at -271.53062, oddly close to absolute zero (maybe the AC temperature component expressed in Kelvin?), but otherwise it works.

      You’re exactly right. Internally the mooshimeter fills a sample buffer, calculates the average and the RMS, and sends all of that data back over the air to the smartphone. The smartphone decides what to display. When logging, it’s easiest in firmware to just write all of it to the SD card. Since the temperature has almost no AC component, that’s recorded as zero, which when you feed it through the formula to convert temp. sensor volts to degrees C, ends up being almost absolute zero.

      I hope the O2 sensing experiment works well! If you write about it somewhere please send a link, I’d love to see it.


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