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      I love this Mooshimeter. I have a question about the graph mode. Can I turn down the sensitivity? I will be using the meter for automotive type measurements. The graph shows every little change in the Milli range and Micro range. The graph trace bounces all over. The videos you have on You Tube showing you driving and graphing the battery voltage looks like what I want but I sure can’t mine to look like your graph. My Samsung phone or tablet both have this problem.

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      Please make sure you post the meter settings you are using and if you have an example of a graph you can link in the thread it might be useful.

      One thing that I am not sure the .CSV file will do is capture the meter settings and put them in the .CSV file, this is a KEY piece of info that should be included in the Log file. I have not done much Logging yet, so I will double check to see if the the meter settings are captured.

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      Did you try to switch on buffering?

      And if measuring DC voltage, for example, and you whish to see the base line and not only the “noise” around the measured value, you should turn off autoranging (manual scaling).

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      Hi Ken,

      You can turn on manual scaling for the graph, which allows you to zoom out a little so you don’t see every fleck of noise on the signal. This gives you cleaner graphs (as @Manfred suggested)

      Hi jfoj,

      The meter settings are captured in a header at the top of the CSV file.


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