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      I have an early mooshimeter and the latest firmware, iPhone and iPad.

      Can I make the graph mode roll across the screen like a scope?


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      Hi collock,

      There are two modes within the graphing screen, which I dub “trend” and “buffer”.

      Trend mode should already be set up to roll across the screen like a scope. Its sample rate is quite slow though.

      Buffer mode gives you access to the full sampling rate of the meter (up to 8kHz), but it only sends data in bursts (because the BLE connection cannot sustain this much data continuously). So it is not capable of continuously rolling across.

      Hope this answers the question, best

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      Some graphing succestions..

      As you start buffer mode, both channels are on autorange. And in most cases, there will be crazy noise visible for a while and current values can’t really be seen, as graph starts leaning to either end of visible area and very small numerical values are partly off screen (and changing all the time)..

      So, what about setting margins to graph mode autoranging, like 20% on both sides, in which graph can go, say 3/4 without changing visible range and when that last 5% gets hit, autorange to 20% margin again? Less range changes –> easier to read. (+ of course about similar values at the other end of graph, 20-25% margin not used, range closest value to 5-10% or something.)

      Then, numerical display on graph mode? Latest/min/max/etc.. Again, easier to see whats happening. Those may be more usable with graph, than on the normal multimeter screen..

      Math channel with real values would be nice to graph. Now its impossible to live graph thermocouple, if you want also to know what the temperature is. Or current via ct-clamp, if we get that “free” math channel for live ratio calculations.

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      Hi Ville,

      I think these are good ideas and I added them as enhancements under “issues” on the github repository. I’ll get to them when I can (although since it’s open source, anyone reading this is welcome to try as well)


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      Hi James,

      it would also be appreciated, if we could store the last settings in graph mode config.
      e.g., I normally switch off auto range at both channels and set the buffer size larger than the standard one and arrange the channels. After switching to display mode and back to graph mode, I have to make the same settings again, which is becoming really annoying over time.

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      Hi Ulrich,

      I added to github issues, will get to it as soon as I can.

      Thank you!

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